Monday, August 31, 2015

Busy, busy, busy

There are so many other things that I need to be doing right now, but if I don't take just a second to write some of it down, I might go crazy!!!

My goal two years ago was to become an active participant in the TWT's Slice of Life Challenge.  I fell behind in March and gave up.  Last year I gave it another try, and SUCCESS!!! I wrote every day in March, posted, and commented!  What a feeling!  I was so excited and so pleased, I decided I'd expand my goal and become a regular contributor year-round.  And then the summer happened.

What Happened This Summer
-Strength and Conditioning camp
-We moved
-That involves packing
-And cleaning the old house
-And cleaning the new house
-And unpacking
-My grandmother was diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumor
-My mom and I went to Ireland for a week
-I went to Coaching School for a week
-My grandmother died while I was gone
-Funeral for grandmother
-Volleyball camp
-Practice, games, and tournaments
-Professional development
-School started

I feel like my whole life is happening at a full sprint all the time.  Even on my day off there is too much to be done.  The house needs cleaning, the pets need attention, lessons need planning, groceries need buying.  I don't even have kids! How do people do this?!

This Sunday I just stopped.  I woke up feeling sick and decided to take the day off.  Bad choice.  I ended up still vacuuming and doing dishes, tried to lesson plan a bit, but I did mostly nothing and now feel like I'm right back to drowning again.  I just need a break!!!!!

Whew.  Back to work.