Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The Awesomest of Your Awesome

My slice today is more of a question to everyone else.  One of those questions that you ask because, surely, you can't be the only one.  So my question to you is: Is there anything you do/have/wear that just makes you feel flippin' awesome?

I've been asking people all day and no one understands the question, or they can't think of anything.  I'm starting to think it's just me... so let me give you an example.

I am wearing a pair of sweat pants today, but I feel AMAZING.  Like I could maybe kick down a door and conquer the world today, because the sweats are what's up!  I know that's so silly, but I just feel like a bad a$$ in these pants.  They don't even look particularly nice, but it's the way I feel in them.

Another example: I have a CDL (I can drive a bus).  Most of our coaches HATE driving the bus and they make their underlings do it for them.  One of them hates it so much he will do ANYTHING not to drive... but I love it.  I feel so cool getting in the driver seat, flipping all the switches, and driving a bus.  I mean, I can drive a bus.  Maybe that doesn't sound cool, but it just makes me feel... well, to use one of my student's terms, "ballin' outta control."

So, fellow writers/readers, is there anything that you do, or have, or wear, or know that just makes you feel super cool?  It doesn't have to be clothes, it can be a talent, or a possession, or a place you've been maybe?  Do you ever get to pull out a special pass, or license that makes you feel awesome? Being called "Coach" Wright instead of Ms. is like that for me.  That's right, I'm a COACH!!! Looking forward to what you guys have to say!!!