Sunday, April 10, 2016

Teach Your Children Well


I usually try to do my best to be positive and post positive thoughts here.  But today I was just BLOWN AWAY by some people and their rudeness.

This morning I decided to treat myself to breakfast out, so I went to a little (a LITTLE) cafe I used to go to when I was in college.  It's Sunday morning, so naturally it's busy, there's a line inside the door and out into their foyer area, but no big deal, I don't mind waiting.  Evidently, some people do.  If you walk into a restaurant where there is a line to, or out, the door, it usually means you need to wait.  Instead, these two girls pushed their way through people, got to the front, wandered into the cafe while saying, "Is it open seating?  I think it usually is... ".  Why yes, that's why we're all standing here staring longingly at the empty tables, because it's open seating.  Why didn't we think to just sit down where ever it pleased us?? >:(  They wander up to the bar where the is ONE chair, and a gentleman saw them, gave up his chair so both girls could sit, and ate the rest of his food standing up.  I really thought that would be the worst of the selfish, inconsiderate, rude behavior for the day.

I was wrong.

As I'm eating, a group of sorority girls come in looking like they just rolled out of a trashcan and, seeing that the restaurant is full, call their friends and tell them not to eat where ever they are, but to come to this tiny, fully occupied cafe to wait for a table.  There are now 10 Theta's fussing in the doorway about how they can't believe this place isn't bigger, why don't they have more tables, how can it take this long to find them a seat, why are they having to wait, etc.  They decided they would push some tables together as soon as they were cleared and TOLD (not asked) the waitress their intentions.  The waitress said, "I'm so sorry, if you could just wait a minute.  The problem is, these are separate sections and we need to figure out how the servers will take your table if you combine tables from three different sections."
I might have said, THERES NO ROOM! GET OUT!

There is NO room though!  Where are you going to squish these tables together without eating at someone else's table too?!  Don't come in here telling me what you're doing, ask nicely.  Or ask about a wait time.

The incredibly nice waitress tells them to give her a second and they will be right back.  As she's figuring out with the manager what they want to do to accommodate this growing group of fussy teenage brats, an older lady and her husband come in, tell the host there are two of them, and as the host is seating them, one of the Thetas dashes over and said "WAIT WAIT WAIT!  WE are taking that table and making one big table for our group, you can't just give it away!"

Actually, he can do what he wants.  You don't work here, you don't own this place, you are a guest.  Wait your turn, or come earlier.  Or eat somewhere that is designed to seat a group of 12.  The second-in-command (I guess) starts huffing about the whole situation being ridiculous and decides she's just going to sit where she wants and "they can just deal with it".  So all of the little sheep... I mean sisters... then follow her lead and plop themselves down where ever they like and start complaining about how crazy it is that they can't be seated together.  At this point, I paid my check, tipped my poor waitress well, and got out as quickly as possible.

Instead of teaching your child that they are special and that they deserve whatever they want in life, maybe you could consider teaching them some common courtesy and decency.  Here's just a short sampling of things you could start teaching your kids now, so that they may turn in to a decent human being in the future.
-Saying please
-Saying thank you
-Being patient
-Being grateful
-How to treat people with respect

I think the greatest thing might be teaching them that they are not better than anyone else, nor are they more important.  Just because you want something, doesn't mean you have to have it.  These are very basic things that somewhere along the line, people just forgot.  I also think this goes along with my work-force-humanity idea.  Every one should be required to work AT MINIMUM, six months to a year in a restaurant, both waiting tables and cooking/food prep so that you see just how difficult it is, and how it feels being on the other end of these rude people.  When you are 21/25, you should have to substitute teach for 6-9 months, at least 3 months in each level of school.  I learned so many things NOT to do as a parent/teacher, just from subbing kids.

End of Rant: Moral of Rant: Just teach your kid to be a decent human being and respect others, even if you're feeling entitled or superior.

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