Sunday, September 20, 2015

Pristiq - It's getting me wound up

I kind of thought ads were supposed to target your interests these days... Youtube seems to be convinced I am depressed.  Pristiq, an antidepressant with a super close-up of a woman being depressed followed by a wind up toy, has had ads on the last 4 videos I've watched, which were flying kittens, Benedict Cumberbatch mispronouncing "penguins", a cardio workout, and yoga. Missed your mark, Youtube.

I've been depressed.  I didn't spend time working out, especially with sassy fierce cheery girls like Karena and Katrina!  I sat around being depressed about feeling depressed, eating my depressed feelings and then feeling worse that I was eating so much unhealthy food.  I definitely didn't watch flying kitten videos.  I watched sad mopey things that made me even sadder, or binge watched something dramatic like Grey's Anatomy where people are constantly dying and having their hearts broken.

Come on, YouTube.  Get on Facebook's ad creeping level.

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