Tuesday, September 22, 2015

SOL15 - Untitled/Unposted/Uninteresting

I don't know if this will be a good slice or not yet...  It's all a jumble in my head.

An update: I am doing the Fit For Fall Charity Challenge from Tone It Up.  If you don't already use Charity Miles, you should!  It's an app that tracks your milage walking, running, or biking and then has a sponsor donate money to a charity you choose for each of your miles.  It's something kind of wonderful!!! My friends have just been tracking the distance they walk to and from the lounge each day.  It adds up, I assure you.

There is a thing called a virtual run, which I just learned about.  You do a virtual race, whenever, where ever, how ever you like!!! No parking on race day, hurrying to packet pickup, trying to break through the pack at the starting line.  You just run, or walk when, or where you want!  Which leads me to the virtual club I'm now a part of: The Hogwarts Running Club.  Amazing.  A bunch of Potter heads who like to exercise, sharing their successes with each other, Potter news and fun finds, and raising money for charity!  I'm a big fan.  #hufflepuff

Currently Reading: The Book Thief

Currently Watching: re-watching Grey's Anatomy

Currently Listening to: Grey's Anatomy and Twilight soundtracks.  I've been especially fond of
Cinematic Orchestra's "To Build A Home", Sleeping At Last's "Turning Page", and anything Ingrid Michaelson has ever sung.

Currently Teaching: Present tense verb review, and After School Activities Vocab

Some small victories that I've been dying to share:
My freshman team keeps winning.  They're unbelievable.  I am a little hard on them, but they work so hard every day.  Today they lost the first game of the set, and came back and won the last two!!! Those girls cheered and yelled and picked each other up when they were down.  It was awesome! Did I mention it was against a JV team?  Did I mention my freshmen are awesome?!

I have gone four weeks without using the text book.  I have integrated technology, I've had students doing mini projects, communicating, thinking outside the box, problem solving, and doing cool creative assignments.  I am exhausted and crazy and feeling like I might lose my mind... but by golly, we are being progressive and flexible!!!!

I can do a chaturanga to updog and not look like a mess.  I can control my body through the transition, and it feels good!  The scale doesn't show it, but I've made so much progress! And the only bad thing I ate today was a rice krispy treat (a small one) and a 100 cal bag of cheese its!!! BOOM!

As it turns out, this isn't a slice at all.  I think I spent too much time running full speed from one moment to the next to slow down and take in a moment worth writing about.  Tomorrow I will work on being more mindful.

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