Tuesday, April 21, 2015

I Prefer a Well-Spoken Love (a poem in progress)

Diamonds Dictionaries are a girl's best friend
(and dogs, of course) 
(and cats)

Money and Things are not requisites; 
I want witty words, 
A quick mind.

Cold stones wrapped in metal, 
These physical bindings
may stoke the fire,
but cannot sustain the flames of my heart
(Pretty though they are) 

It is a lovely turn of phrase, 
the well written line,
that I crave.

Don't get me wrong. 
I love glitter and glitz,
I love to sparkle and shine,
But I love to be dazzled and dazed
by more than a diamond,
more than a rock, 
than things.

It's pretty words I want. 

No matter what people tell you,
words and ideas can change the world.
Life is short.  There is no time
to leave important words

P.s. ~to my love~
This does not mean you're off the hook, you still have to get me a ring. Love you. 


  1. Love the poem. Glitter and glam fade. Being a pretty little fool gets a girl nowhere fast.

  2. Love this! I can definitely relate and I think it's an amazing message.

  3. I like how you started it with "Diamonds" crossed out. This is powerful.

  4. Agree with Holly Mueller about that beginning. What a wonderful way to start. And the want of words is real. Agreed.