Monday, April 20, 2015

Too Good Not to Share

I found this blog in search of an actor, which lead me to a rumored movie, which lead me to the original author's blog.  In it, I found the most amazing thing: Ten Sentence Stories.  I read one and thought, "that was pretty good."  I know it's time to go home, just finished track, I really only stopped by the room to close out my email and shut off my computer... they're just 10 sentences... I can read one more.  Gosh, I liked that one too... this one is awesome.  I should try to make one of these... It probably won't turn out quite right, not quite the same... oh man, that one was great.

I just had to share.  So far, this one has been my favorite, but they are all wonderful.  Maybe it will inspire your own writing, or give you and idea to give your students.  Maybe no one will read this.  At least I'll feel like I tried!!

I really, really, really liked this one too:

I am such a fan of her writing!  Erin Morgenstern, you go, girl!! If I can't ever write like you, at least I can be content that I got to read your writing, and soak it all in.  Thank you for all you give.

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