Friday, May 8, 2015


 Good Friday Morning to you!
On this Friday, after the longest testing week ever, I just wanted to share some things that make me smile.  Like this soft, fuzzy, kitty belly.  I've never met a cat with softer fur than little Nuka.

 The most beautiful porch that isn't on pinterest. This is a real porch.  I know the real people that own this porch.  It's like a little fairy tale in the middle of a city.  I adore this porch, and its owners.

Riding bikes on the Trinity with my Brother and FIANCÉ

I can't always grow things.  In fact, most things I try to grow have a tendency to peter out and die within a week.  I've had a little more success the more I try to garden.  I just love flowers.  Their delicate, silky petals, the beautiful colors... I just love them.  This particular little beauty, who is still alive after a month (victory!) reminds me of Fantasia. Either The Seasons or the Nutcracker, I can't remember which song. I just imagine them dancing and swirling together in the wind.

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  1. It's easy to see why these things make you smile!