Monday, March 23, 2015

For the Love of Slicing #SOLC15 - 3/23

I almost forgot to post today!! It would have been such a shame to mess up now.  I know I've written about similar things before, but this writing challenge has been such an amazing event for me!! At first, I was really nervous for people to read my blog.  I don't have anything to say, really.  But then I got a few comments.  Then I started watching the views on my blog go up and up.  What a crazy, exciting boost! There was a day I posted later than I usually do and only got 1 comment and it was strange how much my attitude about posting  had become.

I am really excited that I have actually made it this far. I think I've mentioned this before, but I was really doubting myself for a while.  About three days in, I thought I wouldn't have the time to keep posting.  But, like we learned in a recent PD, if it's important to you, you'll make it happen.  If it's not, you'll make excuses.  I have found myself making excuses to get out of other things, just to write my slices!

As a writer, I have gotten pickier.  Weirder about what I publish.  I revise and revise and revise, and reread and reread and reread, and revise some more before I post.  I want to have something I love to share with all of you.  I feel like this challenge has changed me in so many ways and how I think about my writing.  I often find that I want to try new things and get creative with my formatting or styles.  I actually wrote a "poem"!  I don't guess it needs the quotation marks, but I still kind of have the elementary rules drilled into my head.  It has to have a specific number of words and syllables and it all has to have a rhyme scheme.  I know part of the goal of SOLC is to help us develop as writers, I just didn't think I would be developed too.  It's so exciting to grow!!

As a commenter, I have found SO many people that I just love.  I have found several blogs I've subscribed to, and I really like to randomly stumble around while leaving comments.  I try to scroll through different times and leave comments for early posters, lunch time posters, evening, and late nighters.  There are so many blogs I've seen with fantastic formatting and wonderful ideas for posts.  I've borrowed a few and I saved several.  I've even shared them with my students and posted a few in my classroom.  I love reading all of the different slices from so many different lives all over the world.

I would like to become a regular Tuesday slicer year round, and I hope I can get even more people on board with trying the writing challenge next year.  Thank you, Slicing Community, for everything you've given me.  Only 8 more days!!!!


  1. Your enthusiasm is in every word! Not sure I've stopped by before, there are so many folks this year. I'll look forward to seeing you as a regular Tuesday slicer.

  2. I share your enthusiasm! It has been an incredible experience.

  3. I agree with Ramona. There are so many folks this year it is difficult to read everyone's blog. I saw you stop by mine and so I was able to check yours. I love your enthusiasm...and I know the feeling of getting comments...and to see that someone as actually checked out what you have written. I hope to do the Tuesday challenge too and hope to see more of yours. Jackie

  4. One thing I enjoy about the March challenge is getting to see different formats, especially list posts, which I love--though I rarely if ever do them myself (besides book lists). I need to be more intentional about bookmarking posts I want to use as mentor texts. My goal is to start slicing every Tuesday. I do find slices quite challenging because I want to write such a crafted piece. I have other quick & easy posts I do during the week, but I really use the slices to try to develop as a writer, and consequently they take soooo much time! I really do enjoy your blog and am glad you plan to continue!