Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Promise Yourself #SOLC15 - 3/4

 Today's slice has been inspired by Kendra's post here about her own personal creed, and Darlene's #FirstWorldProblems post from yesterday.

My personal creed is a borrowed creed but I believe it and live it (or try to) with every particle of my being.  However, recently, I have been letting myself be dragged into some negativity and nonsense.  I believe, and need to remind myself of some promises I made in my creed.

Promise Yourself...
To talk health, happiness, and prosperity to every person you meet.

To wear a cheerful countenance at all times and give every living creature you meet a smile (except bugs)

To be too large for worry, too noble for anger, too strong for fear, and too happy to permit the presence of trouble.

There are a lot of people who focus and dwell on the negatives.  They take for granted the things they have been given, and rather than be grateful, demand more!  I have been surrounded by teachers lately that have been angry and negative and down about all kinds of things and I have allowed myself to be swallowed up whole by their negativity.  I am too noble for anger; too happy for trouble.
I work in a school where we have daily internet access.  We have 4 full computer labs, a mac lab, as well as mobile labs.  The majority of my students have their own device to use in class.  The majority of my students have loving, caring parents that provide them with food, shelter, and love.  I work in a community that is quick to give, and gives generously, to those students who don't have all of those luxuries.  I have a job that actually *PAYS* me to share information I'm in love with.  I have a job that I love to do.  I get to be a part of so many kids' lives, help them, and guide them as they become little adults.  More importantly, I get to have these kids be a part of my life.  They bring me so much joy and have taught me so many things in just two years!  Two years!!!  Who knows what's coming next?!

I promise myself...
To remind my coworkers of the good in the world, and more importantly in our own classrooms.

To give a smile to everyone, even when I'm tired, even when I'm busy, even when I lose my keys, drop my breakfast, or things don't go according.

To be too large for whining, too noble for grumbling, and too happy to allow others' negativity to bring me down.

Some things that make me smile and remember all the beauty of my life.

 Nuka and Ali in hiding from the new dog

A few of the THOUSANDS of Canada geese that show up in Lubbock each year. 


  1. First, I really like your personal creed. I've been teaching 34 years and have had professional highs and lows. For me the key to job satisfaction lies in focusing on my students and on having a professional life outside my building and district. In education there are many negatives, and many need our focus. Like you, I'm grateful that I'm employed, but I'm also dismayed that others with what I call "sticky fingers" have their hands in the district cookie jar at the expense of their students. My heart hurts for teachers in New Jersey where PAARC has consumed instructional time and money and de-professionalized my profession. I'm lucky in that I don't have to deal much w/ testing because I teach mostly seniors. A few years ago I heard a wonderful speech about tolerance, a value I embrace, but there are some things we should not tolerate. We all cope differently, and the trick is to be supportive when someone needs to vent w/out allowing the venting to consume and define us.

    1. Absolutely! I am usually pretty good about the venting to listen part but I caught myself starting to be consumed today and letting other people get me down about the day.

      I definitely agree about standing up and getting involved when it's something that serious. Mostly I have heard a lot of complaining about change. Example: we are trying to save money for the district: we got a new super who found out we had a $2 Million deficit when he moved in. One of his strategies is printing to the copiers for a penny/copy instead of personal printers that cost about a quarter/copy. In the long run, saves money, ink, toner cartridges, etc. But a lot of people were FURIOUS to the point of threatening to quit. Over copies. Let's get upset about where that 2 million went instead.

  2. Great slice. Unfortunately, sometimes the negativity in the world, school, classroom, in our head, seems to put a damper on our positive thoughts. When that negativity comes into play, we need to push it aside and look for the good, because there is a lot of that surrounding us every day.

  3. I'm delighted you used Kendra's slice to inspire your own today!

    Loved it all, but especially this part: "To be too large for worry, too noble for anger, too strong for fear, and too happy to permit the presence of trouble."

  4. I enjoyed hearing you positive outlook...even when there is pain and frustration noticing small beautiful things can lift our spirits. xo

  5. Love how you used other slices for inspiration! It is so easy to be swept up in negativity--I think it's something we have to be especially careful of in our profession. My response has always been to avoid the negative Nancies, but I like your approach of trying to spread some positivity and happiness so much better!

  6. Thank you! With the winter doldrums, I needed to be reminded of positivity! I love your cats, hiding! LOL Jennifer Sniadecki

  7. Those are some wonderful promises! It's so important to find ways to stay positive in the midst of all the current challenges in education! Thank you for this positive post!

  8. What a thoughtful and generous post. Thank you for reminding me to actually spell out my goals and personal creed. Very powerful

  9. Love your positive attitude, the white daisies, but most of all the cats on top of the frig.