Sunday, March 22, 2015

A Full Day of Nothing Important #SOLC15 - 3/22

Today, for the first day all Spring Break, I slept in.  Until 8. Then went about cleaning up some of the little messes the pup left for us.  Straightened the living room, did some dishes that mysteriously appeared in the sink despite our being gone, swept.  By now, Dot had a little too much energy so we went for a nice walk in the wonderful sunshine.  It has been the cloudiest week and today was beautiful!!  She got to see her first duck, thought she might like to try swimming but there was a TON of algae and I didn't want a bath to be added to my to-do list.  We came back for some lunch and I made some peach "compote" for my oatmeal in the morning.  Did more dishes, had some sparkling wine, and read for a bit.

The best and most frustrating part of the day: gardening.  I love to garden, but I seem to be terrible at it.  I did finally get some lavender to grow last year but it went all wild and curly and didn't quite look like the picture.  This Spring, I bought some pansies, zinnias, marigolds, rosemary, some little daisy looking things, and a salvia plant.  I know nothing about salvia, except that it has bright red little blooms and I thought they were pretty.

Mistake #1: I let Dot out to enjoy the sunshine with me.  She wanted to help garden.

Mistake #2: I let Dot out to enjoy the sunshine with me.  She found a turtle and thought it might be fun to eat.

Mistake #3: I let Dot out to enjoy the sunshine with me.  She chased a bird and ran head first into a fence.  Then thought she might eat a few of my flowers.  Bad Dot.

I finally have all of them potted and placed out on the front porch.  It says they all need 6+ hours of sun and I think they'll get enough there.  I just hope they don't get too much.  After all of this, we were DIRTY (and by we, I mean Dot).  I sweetly coaxed her into the bathroom where she thought the bathtub was kind of cool... until she had to get in it.  What a nightmare.  Dirty paw prints all over the place, water ALL over the place.  I finally just got a wet rag and washed her paws one at a time while she sat on the run, which also now needs a bath.  Won't be trying that again.

All-in-all, pretty successful day!  Oh, except I haven't made any lesson plans, or graded any papers, at all.  So, you know, that's good.  I should probably be doing that instead of slicing but I just don't waaaaaaant tooooooooooo.  *throws a childish fit*  I guess I will get to being a professional adult and stop sipping tea and bird watching...


  1. Oh, I can't wait to get my hands in the dirt again! Our ground is covered in snow...STILL, and frozen solid! My Reilly loves to dig and is no help in the garden at all!

  2. Sometimes the best kind of success is messy, doesn't look like the picture, and isn't what you're supposed to be doing! Sounds like you had a wonderful day! Good for you! :-)

  3. I always have these great intentions over spring break to get caught up and--even better!--AHEAD. But then I never do. I have one of those gardens-in-progress too. I always bite off WAY more than I can chew. Super overly ambitious gardener.