Tuesday, March 3, 2015

A Confident Decision #SOLC15 - 3/3

WHAT A DAY!  Today we went to a leadership training with Dan Korem: Magician, Investigative Journalist, Creator of the Korem Profiling System.  One thing he does at the end of each workshop really got me thinking.  How confident are you when you have to make a decision? To become a person who can make more confident, good decisions, and in turn become a more confident person in all areas of your life, it starts with a single decision.  Make a decision confidently, separately from what you're good at.  If you are a confident, experienced surgeon, it's not a challenge to make decision regarding your surgeries.  You know what you are capable of, what you are comfortable with, and what is best practice.  The same with most veteran teachers.  They have a system, they know how to make confident classroom decisions.

Instead, choose something you are not confident or experienced with, and journal about what you did, how it went and what the next goal is.  Some examples from our session of teachers, administrators, students, and community leaders were: looking at their phone less, starting with one class for one day; focusing on the positive and good things a teacher's own children do, starting with tomorrow, instead of nagging them for their mistakes, accidents, or shortcomings; actually doing the math homework, despite it being easy and not fun to a student, because it's what he *should* be doing. 

I struggled.  At first I couldn't think of what I was uncomfortable with.  I feel like I'm pretty open to trying things and I put a pretty solid effort into anything I do.  Most teachers were doing goals with technology or organization, but I think I'm okayish there.  I finally decided on two:

1) Write and publish every day for 31 days (heh heh).

2) Focus on the good things that third period class of Monster Boys does this week.

3) (I know I said two) But apparently I talk to my boyfriend with my mouth full of food.  I promise I don't do this in public, but he swears I do.  So maybe working on being more aware of what I'm doing.  I think this comes more from multitasking and being in a hurry... No excuses.  No more. 

What is a small, specific, obtainable decision you can make right now, today, and complete in a small time frame? It needs to be something you aren't already good at doing, and something you can commit to with a quick return.  This isn't a bucket list type thing.  What would you like to be better at?  What is your first step to becoming a better, stronger, more confident self? 

As a short BONUS SLICE! We found the most loving, calm, beautiful dog today. She is a sweet little pit mix with black and white spots all over like a dalmatian, and she wags her tail in her sleep.  She is maybe 8-12 months old, cuddly, and patient! She even let us give her a bath.  We are trying to think of a name in case her parents don't come and we adopt her:  So far, the only things we have are Ahsoka (we are huge Star Wars fans), Bruce Willis (I pitched out leiloo like 5th element, went to "multipass"> Corbin Dallas > Bruce Willis, couldn't stop laughing), or Moon Unit (As in Moon Unit Zappa).  We clearly aren't good at coming up with names.  I fear for our hypothetical future kids.   Any name suggestions are welcome! 


  1. Interesting idea...that I'll have to really think about. Thanks for sharing your learning from today!

  2. Interesting idea...that I'll have to really think about. Thanks for sharing your learning from today!