Tuesday, March 17, 2015

My Mother's House #SOLC15 - 3/17

My mom always says home is where your mother is.

My mom's house has always been home.  She can make any house feel like home to me.  When she bought this house, I decided she had lost it.  Yes, it was much smaller, much easier to manage.  Much easier for my dad to get around.  But the house!  Sloping floors, missing floor boards, a sagging ceiling, old, OLD windows, dark walls, no vent hood!! These people had been cooking on a stove with no vent.  There was a nice little char mark on the ceiling above where the food was cooked.  How could anyone save this slowly dying house?

My mom did.  She has a formula that you can see in my own decorating now.
Step 1 - lighten it up.  Add color.
This house is now full of color.  A light, white sand in the living room, robin's egg blue in the dining room, pale green in the kitchen, cheery yellow in "the guest room" (My dad's old room).  Her own room is a pale pink, but she has been thinking of repainting it.
A fresh coat of paint
I had to chase Sir off the table. He loves placemats though

Step 2 - Add more color.  Add art.
The things that please me most in this house are the bursts of color in each room.  In the living room, a blue chair with bright green ivy.  In the dining room, a pop of red from placemats on an otherwise dark table.  Paintings, sketches, and photos from all stages of my mom's life hang in every room.  From neutral, sandy, New Mexico/Texas, to vibrant prints from Louisiana, oils and water colors, mosaics, and pencils.  I love the eclectic collection.
Guest Room before
Guest Room after

Step 3 - Add plants.  Then add some more plants.
This is something I have yet to master.  My mom has the greenest thumb I know of.  She touches it, it grows.  It's almost like Midas, if he has wished for green growth instead of gold.  There are plants in almost every room and surrounding the house.  Every summer there are new arrangements of blooms in the yard, new vegetables in the garden in the back.  So far, all I've managed to do is keep an ivy plant alive... and that's after a few unsuccessful attempts.
Diningroom full of plants

Baby Daffodils

The Original Hallway

New Hallway! 

Step 4 - Light, and Love.
There is so much light in this house.  There are new windows in every room so they can be opened and let in the fresh air.  There is so much love in the details of this house.  I hope that I can make and keep a house like she does.

I almost forgot the most important step!!!

Step 5 - Add a cat! (or two)

Francis bird watching in the morning

Sir bird watching all day! 


  1. I really enjoyed this slice! What a wonderful lesson you have learned from your mother! I LOVE your photos and how you used them to illustrate your slice!

    1. Thanks, Dana! I had a lot of fun taking them. I really hadn't plan to write about it, but it was such a beautiful day and my pictures just made me so happy, I had to share.

  2. Nice use of photos. I loved the before and after and how you intertwined what you learned from your mother's artform. :)

  3. A powerful message about restoration, patience and persistence. The photographs compliment your words so perfectly. Having a vision and seeing it fulfilled takes

    1. "stickability" is definitely something my mom has a LOT of. She just bought a house to use as a rental house and it is going to take a lot of that stickability to see it through.

  4. Cats! I have to agree: cats make a home! As I was looking at the photos, I noticed just how much light is pouring in from those windows. The cats must be so happy to bird watch. The before & after shots are really incredible--it's a home transformed.

    1. They love it. In the guest room, there are two bird feeders right outside the window. On the weekends, my mom opens the blinds and moves the pillows out of the way, and the cats just lounge on the bed and watch birds! They definitely enjoy the show.