Friday, March 27, 2015

Found Poetry Friday #SOLC15 - 3/27

The Morning Playlist

Roslyn, My love,
with you in my head
Let me sign your Satellite Heart,

Cover your tracks
Flightless Bird, American Mouth
Never think I didn't mean it.

Supermassive black hole,
Don't you mourn the sun.
I belong to you.
All yours.

Meet me on the Equinox,
Edge of my dreams, 
Go all the way into the Twilight.

Love will take you,
Eyes on fire, speaking a dead language,
Sleeping at last. 

     I stole this idea from Ruth Ayres, who stole it from Ruth Metcalfe.  I took it one step further.  With the exception of one song (Love Will Take You), all of these titles are from ONE MOVIE FRANCHISE! Granted, it's a 5 movie franchise, it's a HUGE list of songs.  I love this idea of finding poetry though!  Maybe I should be teaching English... maybe I'll get Speech certified next....

The Library

Paper towns
City of ashes

A clergyman's daughter,
The time traveller's wife,
She's come undone,
Same kind of different as me.

Behind the tortilla curtain,
Over the wall,
the Illustrated man,
A Lion among Men.

Their eyes were watching God,
Then we came to the end.

This second piece is entirely from books in my bookshelf! It's been a tough day.  Another 14 hour school day in the books.  Time for bed.


  1. Be encouraged. I hope you can relax some and be refreshed this weekend. I love the playlist idea as well as the lines from your reading. Isn't it wonderful to read a slice and be inspired by them? Great mentors in writing.

  2. I hope today (Sunday) is a sweet day of rest for you.

  3. I'm glad I offered inspiration. So happy you are choosing to write.

  4. Both of these found poems turned out so well! I love all the different inspiration for writing I'm finding as I read slices this month!