Friday, March 6, 2015


I feel like I am flying 1000000 mph right now!  I know if I don't squeeze this little blog in now, it might not get done today.

Left at noon for a track meet. Track'd it up, now I'm on a bus w the loudest, worst rap battle, ever.

My throwers did pretty well. Shotput boys took 3rd,6th, and 8th place out of about 20-25 kids, discus boys took 3rd and 6th. My freshman girl, who has never thrown, almost quit, and is constantly negative about her ability, placed 4th in a varsity meet! She said she didn't do well, but I'm extremely proud of her.

I have some more things I wanted to say, cool moments I wanted to share, but the day is almost over and I still have to pack for a trip/wedding tomorrow. I just wanted to make sure I got my slice in!  Day 6! Woooo wooooo!

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  1. Sounds fun and exciting! I've had a crazy/hectic day myself!