Saturday, March 21, 2015

Home again Home again Jiggity Jog #SOLC15 - 3/21


It rained ALL SIX HOURS of the drive, but we made it!  And back just in time to get the post in!!! I hope...

I am still unclear as to whether or not we can post up until 11:59 our time, or if it has to be Eastern time?

Regardless, we made it.  And the pup left us minimal damage.  A shredded sonic cup and a notebook.  No torn up clothes, floors, walls, or furniture, no missing cats.  After my friends got a bloodhound that basically ATE their house (yes, ATE IT), we were a little worried.  Thank goodness Dot is a little less destructive.  

Hopefully tomorrow I can get back to some slightly more thoughtful and better planned slices.  Today was a terrific day, I just don't have time to slip in all the details.  We did the Wipe Out 5K (totally worth it, but make sure you get an early start time) in Arlington, scarfed down some Panera, and raced back to Lubbock!  I think it's always funny how ready we are to leave, and then how thankful we are to get back home again.  I know tomorrow I'll be wishing we were gone for one more day.  When school starts, we will wish we had another break.  But it is SO NICE to be back in my own house, and my own bed!

Until tomorrow!!! Day 21 down!!! So close to saying I wrote EVERY DAY for the month of March!!!


  1. Sounds like a wonderful day! and you made it for 21! I know the feeling of so looking forward to being home after a time away.

  2. You made it. Yes, before 12:00 EST is your goal. With such a packed day, I'm impressed you made it. Ready to leave and ready to get back home again--that is so true. Sweet dreams in your own house. :-)

  3. Welcome home! I love the feeling of returning to my own bed and most importantly, my own pillow in that bed!

  4. A fellow Texan; "HOWDY!!" We really only say that during State Fair season. It's that fella "Big Tex" that takes over our soul.
    Proud of you!
    Great job!

  5. Congrats to making it to Day 21! I am in awe of all the Slicers. I find it challenging to do one slice a week (I often do Top Ten Tuesday lists on Tuesdays instead of slices. Top Ten book lists=easy! Slice=hard!) so I can't even imagine doing it for 31 days straight!