Sunday, March 29, 2015


"The Academic"

"The YA"
I have been trying to think of ways to encourage reading and also ways to get kids to quit looking at their own faces.  Sounds weird, but if you have high school students (maybe even younger), you know they spend an exceedingly large amount of time looking at themselves and taking selfies.  Selfie Sunday is the worst.  I'm glad you are proud of your face.  Now, can you please get back to doing your work? In protest, I shall post NO SELFIES!!! But I will share ALL OF MY BOOKS!!! 

This week, we have the reference shelf (or the Academic).  This is comprised largely of books I had to buy for college, some for high school, and are mostly non-fiction.  A large amount of these books deal with language, history, and the history of languages and Spanish-Speaking countries.  I will admit: I have not read all of them.  I will, though.  That is, if I ever stop buying Young Adult books!! 

Shelfie #2 - the YA.  I am an Adult who reads Young Adult novels.  I'm still young, right?  I just love escaping into a book that isn't so serious sometimes.  It's nice to lose yourself in some magic and adventure from time to time.  I think exactly none of these are non-fiction.  That's how I like it.

Guest Shelfie!! 

Guest Shelfie!! Thanks Aaron!

Today I'm sharing some Guest Shelfies!!  These are my boyfriends shelves.  His collection consists mainly of running, zombies, a few bios and auto-bios, and two WHOLE shelves of Star Wars!  Don't knock 'em til you've read 'em.  I did not have high hopes for these books, but the Old Republic has been really entertaining.  Are they masterpieces? No.  Are they all well written?  No.  Fun? Definitely!!   The Revan trilogy and Bane trilogy have been my favorites.  I recommend starting there.

Anyone want to hop on my Shelfie train??  You can follow me at mw8187 on instagram.  I only have two so far, but I'm going to build it up.  Don't want to post your own?  Send me your shelfies and I will post them as my guest shelfie! By golly, I will interrupt this fad of staring at our own faces all day. 

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  1. Whenever my son gets his hands on my phone, I always get it back full of his selfies! There's something very psychologically interesting and kind of disturbing about the need to take so many photos of one's own face! I'm all for the shelfie! I ask students in my online YA lit class to share a shelfie each week. It's always fun to see the TBR piles!